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"Preparing Leaders for Biblically-Based Community Building"


ADULLAM INSTITUTE was established in 2023 as an educational initiative of the Abrahamic Foundation America. Adullam Institute equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to build fruitful communities and societies that are grafted into the blessings of God.

In the biblical account of Adullam (1 Samuel 22:1-5), four hundred leaders assembled, who built the kingdom together with David. They all became leaders of sectors of the first Israeli society where David became king, walking in the covenantal blessings of Abraham. Adullam Institute is established upon the model of these biblical nation builders, highlighting their values to nations of the world and unborn generations. 

This foundation is incorporated in the seal of the Institute, which has the colors of olive for our Abrahamic roots and gold for the Kingdom of God. The lion represents Davidic leadership, and the halo is the design of a cultural basket, as we envision diverse cultures knitted in the Kingdom of God and holding out the Bread of Life for the world. The inscription of "Adullam" in English, Amharic, and Hebrew represents the three planned campuses of Adullam Institute in America, Africa, and Israel that will prepare leaders to transform nations.

Adullam Institute equips emerging leaders with the resources to engage in community building based upon biblical kingdom principles and the Abrahamic and Davidic pattern of nation-building. Adullam Institute creates this dynamic environment through seminars, courses, and programs, all grounded in biblical kingdom values. In addition to its seminars, courses, and programs, the Institute plans to launch a virtual academic program that will incrementally introduce the following degrees:

Master's Degree in Pan-African Development

Master's Degree in International Policy

Master's Degree in Information Technology 

Bachelor’s Degree in Diaspora Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Leadership

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship

Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Hospitality

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Spiritual Counseling

Meet Our Leadership

Adullam Institute, America, is organized under its parent organization, the Abrahamic Foundation America, and governed by its International Board (headed by the Chairman), as set forth in the Bylaws of the Institute. The Institute is led by the President, who administers programs, departments, faculty, and staff. All course offerings and registration are managed by the Registrar. The Institute is currently online, based in Durham, North Carolina, with a vision of having a campus in each of America, Africa, and Israel.

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