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The Africa Agency America initiative and The Abrahamic Foundation will host the Turning the Tide of Trade Conference, from October 19, 2024, through October 26, 2024. During the Turning the Tide of Trade Conference, participants will gather in Charleston, South Carolnia, where 50% of all enslaved Africans were brought to America. The conference will focus on rebuilding relationships among peoples of African descent, from the continent and Diapora, redeeming spaces of historic injustices against Africans for God’s Kingdom, and reversing the consequences of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by laying a foundation for new trade opportunities between Africans and Americans. During this conference, attendees will visit historical sites related to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and African America heritage. Of note, delegates will have opportunities to develop mutually beneficial trade and business relationship across the Atlantic.

Registration for the conference is not yet open. Please check back regularly for more information on the conference and how you can register for this event!

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